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ADHD & Autistic Writer Tip: Make Time for Breaks

In today's day and age, it's so easy for writers (and everyone else!) to believe the lie that we can't stop to take a breath, especially if we're working on something we love doing.

For those of us who are autistic and/or ADHD writers, it's especially difficult to transition from one thing to the next once our hyperfocus kicks in.

But our minds aren't just machines that can go on and on forever, even when we're taking care of all our physical needs.

We also have to make time for breaks, or eventually, we'll reach a state of burnout.

When you're a neurodivergent writer, that can mean stepping away from your story for a few days (or more!) to give your mind time to rest. And during that time, focus on refilling your mental and emotional well with things that bring you joy, like spending time with loved ones, reading, going for walks, etc.

Even though it often feels counterintuitive to rest, it actually can result in a better outlook and more creativity when you return to your work.

So, if you're feeling like you might need a mental break, do it! Take a walk, spend some time with loved ones, play with a pet, do something to distract yourself, and give your mind the rest it needs.


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