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ADHD Writing Tip: When Nearing "The End," Resist the Temptation to Push Past Your Normal Limits

A runner reaching the finish line, overlaid with the words "ADHD tip: When nearing "the end," resist the temptation to push past your normal limits."

By the time you get toward the end of a

book (perhaps around the start of Act 3,

maybe sooner), you're probably ready to be done with it if you're an ADHDer. The tug of something new can be nigh irresistible, and if you've been strong up to this point, you will likely feel tempted to do all you can to just reach "The End" and call it a day.

When you reach this stage of the writing process, it's important to remember not to overextend yourself even when the finish line is in sight. Otherwise, several things may happen:

  1. You may end up with a product you're not entirely proud of.

  2. You may experience so much burnout that you're unable to start something new for longer than intended.

  3. You may hurt yourself physically, emotionally, and/or relationally.

Once you know what your normal writing limits are, stick to them all the way to the end. Giving yourself enough time to create a quality product, avoiding burnout, and keeping yourself healthy—physically, emotionally, and relationally—will set you up for more success in the long run.

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