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Recognize the Signs of Approaching ADHD & Autistic Burnout and Do What You Can to Prevent It

A person surrounded by paper overlaid with the words "ADHD & Autism Tip: Recognize the signs of approaching burnout and do what you can to prevent it"

Everyone can experience burnout, but ADHD and autistic individuals live in a world where we can more easily reach this point if we’re not careful.

Potential signs of ADHD burnout, according to Psych Central:

  • Increased irritability

  • Appetite changes

  • Changes in how you discuss your day/work

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Overcommitting

  • An inability to take action about something

Potential signs of autistic burnout, according to Psych Central:

  • Lower tolerance for stimuli

  • Chronic exhaustion

  • Losing skills

  • Reduced eye contact

  • Withdrawal from activities

  • Emotional dysregulation

  • Low motivation

  • Decreased self-care

If this resonates with you, and you feel like you may be approaching burnout, don’t just try to push through! This could end up making things worse and give you a longer recovery time.

Here are things to do instead:

  • Take a break from work/writing/things that add to your stress (if you’re able to).

  • Go for a walk or do some other outdoor activity.

  • Exercise.

  • Ask for help.

  • Get more sleep! So often we neglect rest even though it’s such a necessary part of life.

  • Engage in a hobby you enjoy, preferably one that doesn’t involve a screen.

  • Find ways to reduce your workload.

ADHD and autistic burnout are not things to take lightly. For more tips like these, check out my other blog posts.


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