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About Claire

Claire Kohler is a North Carolina native who grew up devouring tales of magic, monsters, and adventure.


Claire graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades Education and a History minor. She has taught seventh-grade English and social studies and taught English as a second language to students overseas. Now, she is pursuing her author career while also helping other authors with their editing needs.


Claire lives in Statesville, NC, with her husband, children, and three cats. She is also an active member of Christ Community Church Mooresville, where she often serves as a Bible study and small group leader.


Claire is currently working on the third book in her Scotland series



The fantasy romance genre is a newer concept in fiction. Rather than being a subgenre of fantasy, this type of story is a subgenre of romance, meaning the romantic relationship drives a significant portion of the plot even though there are fantasy elements. Historical fantasy romance takes place in a real historical time period, but there will be magical events and/or beings within this world.

Another way to think of it is like this: it's taking all the best parts of a fairytale—the historical setting, the magic, and the romance—and wrapping them all together into one story. Claire's books immerse you in long-ago cultures where folklore peeks out of the corners, romance sweeps you off your feet, and good always overcomes evil.

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