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How to Not Overcommit When You Have ADHD

We ADHDers often get ourselves into trouble

because we're prone to overcommit.

A man typing on a laptop with the words overlaid "ADHD Tip: Beware overcommitting."

There are multiple reasons why this may be the case:

  • We LOVE trying new things

  • We’re impulsive

  • We struggle to accurately predict how long a task will take

Sometimes we can power through even after we’ve overcommitted ourselves, but this may mean we don’t maintain good health in other areas of our lives, such as sleep, eating, downtime, and relationships.

So, how can we avoid this? How do we not overcommit when we have ADHD?

First, let’s take a step back, and wait BEFORE we agree to take something new on to make sure something is a good idea. Here are a few tips that can help you:

  • Check your schedule to make sure it’s doable

  • Consider how tired/energetic you are in your current season (some seasons of life may be easier to take on new commitments than others)

  • Give yourself at least a day to think about it before you say “yes”

  • Ask a loved one to remind you if you have other commitments that may get in the way of this new one

  • Pray about it!

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