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Autistic Writer Tip: Beware Absolutes When Creating Characters

writing in a notebook with the words "Autism Tip: Beware absolutes when creating characters" overlaid on top

We autistics tend to think in absolutes (AKA black and white thinking or dichotomous thinking) in which we perceive things as “all good” or “all bad” even when that isn’t the case. This can get us into trouble when creating characters.

Characters who are all good or all bad are not very realistic, and it’s easier for readers to connect with characters they can relate to. Try to create characters that have both strengths AND weaknesses. Heroes can still be heroic even though they have flaws. Villains can still be villains even if they have good traits.

Note that this is not as big of a deal in children’s fiction since children’s characters tend to be less complex than in YA and adult fiction.

For more autistic writer tips, such as why we should also beware absolutes when it comes to our writing journeys, check out my other blog posts.


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