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ADHD Writing Tip: Resist the Urge to Start Something New... Some of the Time

We ADHDers are great at starting new things.

A growing plant overlaid with a pen and the words "ADHD tip: Resist the urge to start something new... some of the time."

We’re less great at finishing them.

Whether it’s from boredom, writer’s block, or a new idea calling out to us, finishing a story is a big challenge.

If you have a story that you believe in and/or you have a deadline for, my advice is this: resist the urge to start something new until you’re done with your current WIP.

If you take a break from it to start something new, it will be harder to come back and pick up where you left off. You’ll likely have forgotten some of the details, and you may end up accidentally mixing in elements from your second story that don’t fit well with the first one.

And there will always be a new idea you

could be chasing.

However, if you no longer believe in the story you’re working on, it is okay to put it aside to create something you can put your whole heart into. Use good judgment, rather than impulsively deciding to start something new just because your current WIP is less fun/easy than it used to be.

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