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Autism Mindset Tip: Give Yourself Permission to Take Up Space

Because autistics tend to struggle with

effectively communicating with

A group of people chatting together overlaid with a picture of a brain and the words "Autism tip: Give yourself permission to take up space."

neurotypical people, we experience a

lot of social rejection.

The result of this is often that we try to take up as little space as possible when we're out in public. We hide in plain sight. We say very little when spoken to, try not to inconvenience people even when we have genuine needs, and downplay our accomplishments.

I'm so sad even as I write this because we need to value ourselves more than we often do. You are just as human as everyone else. You are just as valuable. Don't let rejection convince you otherwise.

I have come to a place where I recognize that my security comes from Jesus Christ, not from anyone else. So, even if I

face rejection, I know my value. Even if I

face criticism, discrimination, or

persecution, others' opinions don't define

me. Don't let them define you either.

Instead, give yourself permission to take up space. Not as inferior to others, not as superior, but as an equally valuable human being with your own ideas, skills, and experiences to bring to the table. Keep reading for what that may look like in the writing realm:

  • Being bold enough to talk about your book(s) with others

  • Joining a writing community

  • Setting up a book signing

  • Offering to critique someone else's work

  • Reaching out to book reviewers/writing podcasts

  • Asking others for advice/support

  • Raising your book/merch. prices to match what's normal for your genre

For more autism mindset tips and neurodivergent writer tips, check out my other blog posts.


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