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Signed Paperback of The Treasure of Rigmore House, Betwixt the Sea & Shore #3

A personally signed copy of The Treasure of Rigmore House. Comes with a map and bookmark.


An heiress forced to choose a husband by her next birthday. A former selkie bent on revenge. Can they set aside their differences and work together long enough to achieve their goals?

Muireall Oliver has never had a life of her own. Forever bound by society’s expectations, the young heiress fulfills the role she must before retreating to the safety of her garden. Friendship—and love—are things this laird’s daughter dare not dream of.

But when her parents tell her to choose between two unsuitable men for a husband, desperation drives her to find any means of escape. Even if it means collecting three magical items for the Fair Folk, things she can only obtain with the help of her conniving, disrespectful, and undeniably handsome servant.

Niall Moreland—exiled, powerless, broken—has only one goal: settling the scores with the people who destroyed his life. To do that, though, he’ll have to be both cunning and patient. He can’t afford to get distracted, least of all by his new master’s irritating daughter.

But as one of the most influential humans in town, tricking Muireall into owing him a favor could prove useful. He couldn’t care less that fairy bargains always come with strings attached; all that matters is that she helps him when the time comes. There’s just one small problem: the longer Niall spends with her, the more he starts to wonder if humans aren’t as terrible as he thought. And if revenge isn’t the thing he wants most.

Magical bargains aren’t broken lightly, but the cost of success may be too high for either of them to pay.

Signed Paperback of The Treasure of Rigmore House, Betwixt the Sea & Shore #3

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