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Signed Paperback of The Angel of Torin Woods A Betwixt the Sea and Shore Novella

A personally signed copy of The Angel of Torin Woods.


Scotland, 1731.

The day Vincent McLaren glimpsed an extraordinary creature in Torin Woods was the day his brother lost all faith in him. Since then, he’s tried to convince Tam of the truth countless times and done everything he could to make amends. Everything, except the one thing he’s terrified of: returning to the forest to find proof.

But when his father forces him to go collect firewood, a chance encounter with an enchanting singer makes him more certain than ever of the forest’s magic. His brother doesn’t believe him, but he says he’ll give Vincent a chance to earn his trust again—if he captures the singer, so Tam can see it for himself.

Bethany Fairborn knows better than to trust the humans in her village. Her bitter mother made sure she learned that at an early age. Her days are focused on following in her family’s footsteps to become Everton’s next midwife, and she only uses her magic when she’s alone—until the annoying fisherman’s son invades her refuge.

When Vincent takes Tam up on his offer, Bethany makes the impulsive decision to join him on the hunt, figuring he’ll give up after a few hours. She didn’t expect they’d wind up trapped in the Fairy Realm—or that she’d start wishing Vincent could become more than a friend.

To get home, they’ll have to trust each other, but if Bethany reveals her secret, Vincent may become a bigger threat than anything they’ll find in the Fairy Realm.

Signed Paperback of The Angel of Torin Woods A Betwixt the Sea and Shore Novella

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Expected shipment by the end of October
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